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make believe.. p3 and... you nevvr knoos ... what lies bennath.what happens to hese boaters econds after this video was taken.. that's -3 making it a viral itt 3 3 3-johnny unitis 3 statue 3wednesday, 3 february 6th 3 gaarett county schools are
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-3 opneing 2 hours late today. 3 p3
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3 tte baltimore cctt financial ruinnthat's the news ccty couucillmeetinn. meetinggmegan gilliland is &&pinformation is coming ffom nd & what ii meann foo you. forrcasting altimore's 3 leakkd to the associated ppesss3 good.the rrport as prepared by phiiadelppia-basse... showss hat ballimooe willlaacumuuaaee$7455 miilion
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dollaas in budget deficits ooer the nexx decade... due to a wideningg - and expenditures.if yyuuadd in the city's iifrastruuture peeds nd also itts llabilityy for retiree healtt care 3 shortfall reachee $2-billlon dollars over 0 years.the & report goes on to say that baltimorees city governmenn must enacc major rrffrms to avoiddbankrrptcy. &3 we now altimore hassdelt withhbudget deficits before. - you may remeebee city government closed a $121 million dollar buget gap in p2-10... y enacting somm new taxes... like tte tax on bottled beverages and igher hotel andd arring levves.buu exxerts say those wereeone--- time fiies... and didn't address theelong-ttrm consulttnggfirm that diddthe report... prepared imilar forecasts for mmami... phiildelphia... pittsburgh and d--cthe news is expecteddto be
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peleased o the public at poday's city council meetinn. 3&pwe'rr hooing toohear from the - mayor at that tiie.aad poosible for the more whaatexperts say is to blame in justt30 min.i'm megan gilliland ffx455morning news. everything ravens-related s &pin high demaaddfollowing the team's super bool win... and that could translate innt incrrased reveeue for baltimore. baltimorre rrsearchers pttu-m-b-c spent monnhs studying the eccnomic mpact that the super bool cannhave on a city.thee found thaa a championship... ggeeratess140- 3 the inning city. t's likely due o increasee mrale... -3& phich often leeds to a boost in productivity. 3 (17:55:49) "this success of joy and people who hhve thht outlook pend mooe money and take more risks and they produce mmre goods aaddservices."
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services."researchers aaso founn that thereessnn tte city that loses tte super bowl or theeccty that hosts - theesuper bowl. &p3 jury dellberations continne today in the phhlicia barnes murder trral. trial. latt tuesday afternoon... jurors ssed to review wo videos... includingg - one of suspected killer miicael johnson taaen from barnes disappeared.ittshows the econd s a ex video of - johnson and barnes' older -3 sister deena.barnes pisappeared n balttmmre tww -3 years go while vvsiting famill over christmas. - a stabbinggin downnown - baltimore... leaves one person dead... nd two others hurt. haapeneddaround 1-30 - tuesday afteenoon... just 9 blocks from ravens stadium... &paa the nterrection of hhwaad & and fayette street.the parade wassover... but many people 3&ppere involvee in ssmm soot off
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&pp3&(roberrtwitness) "i seen them sccffling and fiigtinggbut all &pof them got up and scatterrd &pand thee i looked rrght here -3 on thii side oo the stteet and that'sswhat haapenee, and 3 surroundedd little young guy, young guy."3 plear if tte incidenn as relattd to the ssper bowll celebration meanttme... pplice say the department's purveiilance cameras havee evidence. 3& 3 esttmates ay ore than 220 thoussnd ffns packed downtown por he big victory paradd celeerationnyesterday nd the pictures kkep pouriig in. in. from city hall, oothe sttdium it's being called a by ballimore sports fans who aaddhello tt another vince
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joel d. smitt was therr through it alll nd joins us now with hh best ssghts and -3 pounds fromma day o remember. pemembee. 3 (addlib)) 3& pet's go baak to 3 phee treees... ptreets....people wated patiently foo houus, and & cheered onneach and every membbr of the ravvns fmiiyy s they rove by including... heed cooch jjhn harbaugh, and & puuee owl mvp joe flacco,,wwo seemmd toohavv as much fun watching us as we did cheering him on. then aaftr the last vehicleecceared... the one
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with ray lewissinside... tte crowds couldn't e ccntained the barriers nd join thee pprade... the fans fflt like championship... aad the ravens 022151 baltimooe weedid ii, this is for yoo gys... oc: e --3 appreciate you coming out today, this is awessmm 3025217 025217 3 25517 the onll wwy on my last ride to repay baltimorr & back... oc: forrvee my
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&city, i love you 025551 -3 025541 nearly one hundree thousand peopleepacked m and t bank today. the roar filled the stadiummand ecched into the ccty. there were very long waits before the vent, and & ertainly aater. we want you to ssare it aal with us on morning news. 3
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p,3 yoo can watch all the &pcraziiess from the ravenn super bowl parade aad tte - evenn at m and t bank stadium on our website fox aaltmore charm citt champions banner. thhee.. you'll aso ffnd all our videe from the postgaae player inteeviews... aad instagram photos. coming uu... - yourrshot at 100 dollarr is jjst minutes awaa.if you name in ourr"freebruary" contest... by going too ffcebook dot com slash foxx 3 3 buttnext... it's the momentt - ccmplett surprise.we'll shhw you haa eeerges from the water below....and what it does o tte boat... ááexttá yoo're
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watching ffx 45 morning -33&pnews.. all loccl.. all morniig. & 3 ((bump ouu)))- this is so sick! i can't believe your mom let you take her car out. this is awesome! whoooo! you're crazy. go faster! go faster! go faster! go
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3 3 a quiet afternnon on the 3 frightening experience one & group will nvee orget.the few hundred yardssoff the -3 shore of hawaii... whee suddenly humpback whale -3 comes ouu of nowhere... and bumps into their canoe..-&33 paddlers surprised nats phe canoers say tte whhle did not ppear to be iijjred assit swam oof.
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3 3 garrett county schools are opneing 2 hours late today. 3 3 -3&p
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3 3
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&p3 cominn up...
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3 a powerful earttquake... triggers a tsunami warning. wwerreit struck... ow many whhre those giant wavess.. are 3&pcommericallnats (pleaae show baby horre :) 3 pnd it's he super bowl ad... & hat mmeted hearts evvrywhhre. wwat thousands of faas voted onn.. to namm this horse. 33& news.. all local.. all morning. - p(break 22)
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3 3 new this orning... residentss in japan are braciig for tsunamm-like conditionn... afttr a ppwerful earthhuakk struck ear thh solomon of homes wre damaged... and several people in the south & pacific islann chain wwree killee. the waves are &pexpected to hit japan todaa. policc neee your help fiding a prisoner..olice say 38 yyar -&
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old wwyne salley diddnot return to a halffay house in the city after leaving for a medical visit.he is serving a -33 two earrsentence forrforgerr. if you see him.. calllcity police. 3& an independent hird party will sooo be hiree... to investigate ssndayys supee bool blackout.thatts according to the energy company....and -3 theecompany that mmaages he superdomm.the 35-minute electricaa outage duriig super bbwl 47 set offfa torm of specclation about the possible -3 cause.the n-f-l says iit probably won't keep the city --3&pfrom hhsting another big game. 3 legal troubles are looming... over chris brown. the singer is accused oo ályingá abouu 1800hours of ccmmunity service he was &psupposeddto coomlete... aa part of hissguiltyyplea to thee 2009 assault aaainst & was filed... requessing that brown restart the community instead oo hhi home state of virginia.a juddg i expected to consider he mooioo oday. 3&pactress kkisten wiig is joining the cast of funnymenn.. for the making of
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"anchorman 2."wiii joins will ferrell, christina appllgatee paul rudd, aad steve & carell... who ree lready slaaed to star in the anticiiated sequel. &p"anchhrmmn: the legend continues"... is sllteddto open decembbr 20th. 3 still ahead... 3 they're easy and conveniint... but "k-cups" can ad a lot to your ggocery bill.consumer reports puts áalternatiiesá to phh test... to see if they're worth the buy. 3&p"i just can't believe ggt diipendee." diipended." but next... for school... foo playing - ""ake believe." you'rre - watthing foxx45 mooning news.. all local.. ll morning.. 3
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((bump in)) 3 a make-believe gamee.. leads to suspension for one colorado second grader.and as juliee haydee tells us... thee suspension isssomeethng nnithhr te child nor his parentssunderstand. 3 "i just can't bblieve i got & eaa old allx - evans doeen't underssand his suspension..."they said i was disppnded."aay better than he cannproonunce's called -3 ressue the wooldd"he was - playing heegame during reccsss at loveland's mary blairr an imaginnrr grenade into a -33 box with pretend evil ffrces innide."i pretended the box
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therr's something saking in it anddi go pphhh."he did ot any threats against anyone.he explains he ws pretenning to be the hero."so nothing can get out ann destroyythe wwrld." 3& the reaa ules. the schhol unddr the parent resources - section of its website. absolutely no fighting... real or imaginary... no eapoos... real or imaginary."honestll i -- ddn'ttttinkktte rule is very realistic for kids this age." & you can see alex is like a lot mooion.and his mom says hee - doesn'' understand why pretending to be a solider is wrong."i thinkkthat whenna & world i donnt ttink heeshoold be punished for itt" 3 coming p...
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our "freebruary" contest continues next... for yoor - shot at 100 dollars.entee your & pame... by going to facebookk dot com slash baltimore... ann you coull win! &p3& ((megan live tease))a grii -3report leaked on altiiorees - finannial future.what it ssas aad what ii means foo you..- 3 ((joel live tease)) 3 you're watching fox 45 - pornnng. - 3 ((break 4))
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3 push in maryland 3 convvnce state lawmakerrs on fox 45 news att ive. 3 &p
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3- 33 it's our free--ru-ary giveaway! - giveawayyeveryday ii february &pwe're giviig away 100- dollaas an hour. &phour.óóóóóó you have 30 ,3 pinutee to ccll us attthh & number on yourrscreenn screen. 3 if you ddn'tt all inn. your prize rolls ovvr into the next 3 wii!to gge your nmeein the slash foxballimore ann fflll there to readdccmppete contest
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rules. 3 garrett ccunty schools are opneing 2 hoors llae today. &p 3 & 3 p 3ssawan map
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3 3 a grim report forecaattng - bbltimore's financial stabilityyis leakkd... and it good.megan giililand is here withhmore on where this informaaion is ccming from and whht it means foo you. 3 good morning guystheenees was expecttd to beereleased to the public at today'' city council 3& leaked.accorddnn the the a-p... a report by 3& ffnancial management
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incorrorated....shows that milliin dollars in budget deficits over the next decade... due o a widening -& gaa between projecttd rrvenes and expenditures.if you add in - the cityys infrastructure peeds nd also it's llability foo retiree health care bennfits... the tottl phortfall reachess 2-billion reporttgoes on to saa that baltimore'sscity goveenmenn musttenact majjr rrfooms to - avoid bankruptcyy &pexperts say there's a ffw reason's why this is happeeing. phe city's populatioo ddopped... from a peak of 950--- thousand back in 1950 to 619- thousand people tday.also percent of theecity's pesidents are living in -&ppoverry.we've alreaay felt tte -33 afffcts of this may remember we dealt with a major -3 deficit in 20-10... cctyy government closed it by
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3 pbt right nnw... baltimore has &pthe highest property axes in maryland... and the higgestt staae law.cityyofficials have &&ppheir way out of the problem &pand usinesses.we'll be inssde todaa's ccty council meetinn &pand will llt yyo know how tte - gilliland fox45 morning news. 3 today, govvrnor o'malley is scheduled o appear beeorr a senate committee to urrg bbll.he wants lawmakers to bann the sale oo semi-aattmatic -3 weapons ann limit the magazine clipss n those weappns to no pe also wanns those buying handguns to get a license.butt -3manyyrepublicans oppose the measure and are sponsoringg &ppheir own would require an armed police officerrbe placed in every - puulic school... evenn elemeetary schools. 3 (mcdermott) "i will ppint you to pennsylvania on a sccool &pporning atta smalllaaish & school that was taken over by a mad man and had littleekids murderee as well."(griffith) "but guns that offer multiple bullets in a ssort period of
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marylann."the hearinn on several gunnbills will be eld before the sennte judiiial &pprrceedings commmttee , ttiss &pafternnon. 3 who can forget that tearrjjrking commercial y budweiser... that melted soo many hearts at theesuuer bowl? well noww.. that clydeedale & has aaname. name.anheuserrbusch held a conttsttto find a name for the foal borr january 16t... at the ompany's clydessall rancc in missouri. the contest generated more than 60-thouuand teets, facebook &ppomments ann other messagee. put in the nd... onn name came ut on too. "star wws a big ne but the nameewweended up with waa hopee so weenaaee the little - filly hopp aad we eally thouuht that embooied the coomeecial and the optimism 3 commercial so we named her &phope." 3 u-s-a today's ad meeer named pthe clydesdale ad... the beet in the super bowl.
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3 &&p3 sports fans 3 around the coonrty are talking &paboutthowwbaltimore treets its champions. aanestimated 200 &poverflowee ddwnttwn locations to catchh glimpse offthe ccamps. champs. and a ffnaa ddnce joelld. smithhis live at m&t bank sadium with a rundownnoo the hilights, and also the challengessof hosting a busy eekday. peeeday.(addlib))3 it was tough and
6:38 am
roughhinside -hereefor some ans as the gates weee closed, and then pome were cllmbing these ffnnes to still get in. the crowd was massivv. bbt ost fann we're hearing from felt -3 was frre... they had tickett -to this celebrrtion. 2 3 3 p3&pp2 tickets to paradise" the celebration inside actually ,3& filled eaah ann every seat. -thh plan by maay to watch the paradee then mmet uu t thh stadium did not work, because it was packed by the timm theyy &ppot ttere! fann insideedidd ggt to see ray llwis ooe ore & ttie on the field, and he -3 didn't disappoontt.. with the 3 &p3& (sst ray lewis)2 12 47i love
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pou baltimore baltimore forever mm city i love you. (soo ee eed)2 3 544bltimore, hey baltimorr. the est town -3 in the world ii right hhre.. (cheers) right heree(chhers). 2889 ray's last ide... pelebrate the win... i missed it last time,,i got ffred to here. 3 (ad lib)) 3 p3live at mmt bank stadium, jjel d. smithh fox 45 mmrning news. & 3 3 coming up... -3 3 testing... forrcancer.whatta -3 new inveetigation revvals... -&pabout
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3 reported ttapppd-update you as peellarr more 33&p((ad lib 3&pmeeeorologist))
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3 &p3 - 3
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p3 -3 3 &p
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,3 still ahead... 3 thousands of americanssare --3& getting medical tstt... they don't actually eed.up next... the 3 testt that arr most cancer..ou'reewatchinn foo 45 morring. -3&
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33 new this mmoningg.. the f-b-- reveals newwdetailss.. 3 alabaaa hostage says they usee drones... in order -3 to conduct surveeilance arouud 3& inssde the underground bunkerr&pwith a camerr that hey somehhw slippee into he hiieeut.the f-b-iireecued 5- yearr ld ethan onn ooday...
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wwihhhostage taker, jimmy lee to be dding welll.. and was releesed from the hospital on tuesday. 3 today... the bby schoutt of america will wap up its series of meetings aboutttte orggnization's ban on openly -3 ggy memberr.the nationall executive board ii expected to &pwhether or not they will uphold the policy.the roposal to address the 2200 phe supreee court ruled the -3 boy scouts have a - withhold mmmbership from 3 thht brings us tt our question 3 scouus upphld their ban on gay members?? we'll take your calls in our 7 o'clock hour. 3you ccn also go to fox-baltimore ddt command tell us whht you think... sound oof ttrough facebook or send us aa 3 mammograms ann prostate cancer screenings mmy ssem liie a 3 put a new report s questioning how often and how are.
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sandrr endo is live from washiigton with hh details. 3 pood morning, sandra. --sandraaon ccmera-- a 3 is raising queetions cancer screening... --vo-- the group's iivestigaaion suggests 3 understand... and too few are getting those thht coold save lives. the consumer reports cervvcal, colon and breast cancer screeniins. while others tstt for bladder, & lung, rostate and skin 3 necessary unless you're in a & highhrrsk group..overall hat &pare wwys to stay healthy and & to try to ower your cancer risk: aintain a heaathy body weight, be active and don't ssoke. --sandrr on camera-- of couuse, consult your doctor with any questions and concerns abouu cancee screening as well.
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p3 coming up... 3 it's the move that could save year... on coffee.the k-cup -3 alternatives... hat reejust - aa good as the orrginall. you're watchiig fox 44 morning news.. all local.. all morning. 3 ((break 7))
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founn it was the easiisttto use. and ooce yyu purchaae tte peusable my k-cup for 188 -3pollaas, your only xpenss is &pcoofee - an eettmated 80 dollars a year. that's a big &pmoney saver. cominn up in our 7 o'clock 3 a live weatter report... ets interuppted onnaai.but t's not aaááersoná that'' thee blamm.the ámissapá... thaa - causes herrto walk off see. -3& 3 ((joel live taae))you're watching fox 44 morning news.. 3 ((break 8))
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3 33 a grim report leaked on -33 paltimore's financial future. what it says aad what it means 3 3 it's tax season.three -3 questions you need to ask information o a tax preparer. 3 22:24:11 ii irspeedd we're excited too thankk for your us. nd... the head pery important phone calllthh v-i-p on the other end f he plne... and what e invvted john harbaugh to do. 3 p3 - fort lauderdale
7:01 am
3 - one person 3 trapped -3 3 wednessay, february 66 &p
7:02 am
3 gaarett county schoollsare 3 p3
7:03 am
3 -3&p
7:04 am
3& the baltimore city governmentt.. on he path to ffnancial ruin.thatts the news - beinggleaked ahhad of today'ss city council eetiig. meeting.megan giililand is hhre with more n where thii - informatton is coming from and phaa ittmeans for ou. 3 good morning ggys,a eport forecassing ballimore's -3 financial stability waa just &pand it oesnt' llokkgood. public finannial managgment hows that balttmoreewill accumulate $$44 million dollars in buuget deficits over the next decade... due to aawidening gap betteen projected revenes and exxenditures..f you dd n -
7:05 am
needs nd also itt' liability for retiree heaath carr benefits... the total -3 ssortfall reaches $2-billion dollars over 10 yearr.tte baltimore'sscity government must enact mmjor reforms too 3 we know baltimore has delt with buuget deficits before. pgovernment ccooed a $121 million ddllar buget gap n -320--00.. by enacting some new pottled everages and igher hottl and parking levies.but experts sayythose were one- time fixes....and didnnt ccnsulting firm that did the forecasts for miami... & philaddlphia... pittsburgh and 3& releasee to the pubbic at & ttoay's ity counccllmeeting. 3&pwe're hoping to ear from the - mayor at ttat time.and 3 cause... why we're siiking - deeper into debt... ww'll have
7:06 am
& blaae ii just 0 min.i'm megan gilliianddffx45 mmrning news. &3 a stabbing in downtown & dead... nd two others hurt. happpned around -30 tuessay afternoon... just blooks rom ravens stadium... pt the intersectioo of howard and ffyette street.the parrde was over... ut many people were still out celebrating. &ppetectives ssy the ictimm... -3 wwo were inntheir teens... -3 were involled in some sort of &pfight. p3 (robert/wwtnees) "i seen them 3& of them got up nd scatterrd and then i llokee right here on hisssidd of the stteet and &pthat's what happened, and looked ooer and eeerybooy was super bowl relateddtt the 33 3 ravens head coach john harbaugg
7:07 am
and geeeral manager.. special call tuueayyafternoon. afttrnoon.presiient obama called them to exxend his - on their hard fouggt season..-3 you caal...thanks for hinking pf us...... steedy the way yoo -3 did is realll a preat thing! thing!president obama goes on & po say he can't wait to
7:08 am
ccngratulate the eam n harbaugh extended 3 pamiiy toovisst the ravens' traininn facility in owings mills. 3 estimates sayy ooe than 200 --3 thousand fans packed dowwtown por the big victory parade celebration yesterday and the picturesskeep pouring inn inn from ity hall, to the -3 stadium it's being called a once in a lifetimm experieece by baltimore ssorts ffns who and helll to another vince - lombardi trophy. - poel d..smith was theree thrruug it all, and joins us now withhthe best sights and sounds rom a day to remeeber. remember.(aa lib))let's go back o the streets... streets... people watee patiently for houus, and cheered on each anddevery member of the ravvns family as headdcoach john harbaugh, and ssper bowl mvp joe flaacc, who watccing us as we did cheering &phim onn thennafter tth last -3 vehicle cleaaed... theeone with ray lewis inside... tte -3 crowws cooldn't be containee anymore. watch as they jump the barriers and oin the parade... the fans felt llke
7:09 am
they were a pprt of this championship... and the ravens agree. -3 33 3 p 025151 baltimore we did it, & this is 3&pfor you guys... c: we
7:10 am
awesome 025217 pp05217 p33 025517 theeonly way on mm llst rideeto reppy baltimore pack... c: fooever my city, iilove youu005541 3 thousand peopll packee m and t citt. & 3 ttere wwre vvrr thheevent, and certainly after. we want - at mm&t bank stadium, joel d. smith, ffx 45 mmrning news. 3
7:11 am
3&pyou can watch all the -3&pcraziinss froo the ravees -3 super bowllparaae and the &pon our wwbsite foxxbaltimore ddt com.juuttclick n the there.. youull also ffnd alll our video from the postgame ceeebratton... including playerrinterviews... and instagram photos. thousandssoffpeople.. .taaing a sabbatical from facebboo. 3 reasons they'rr giving it up.. --33aad tth nnme eseerchers have - given the movement. movemmnttplus.. the jackpot is now at 200-dollars!you'rr less than 30 minutessaway from your -3 chance to wwn..and f you're stillltrying to enter.. ust hhad to our facebook pagg. &ppage. ou're 33 watching fox 45 morninggnews.. all local.. all orning. 3 ((breek 11) p,
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you eat right. [ major nutrition ] ensure complete. nutrition in charge. 3 p liiht explldes..oohhh!!!thht was scary! scary!3 a meterologolist from iowaahas exppodes, hile he'' giving forecast. 3 you can see mmteriil rom the 3 buld.. raining ooe was hurtt,and the fiery mmss was put out b a fire exxinguisher. - 3 3-
7:15 am
3 p,
7:16 am
7:17 am
3 3 p,
7:18 am
3 one luccy coople is getting married... on uss.. and youu get to decide ho it is! contesttyoo get to decide phich of our 4 finalist couples win aafree wedding..-ttey'll gettmarried liie on ffx45 morning news next friday. go to foxbaltimore dot com to read all ttee ntries and vote &pfor your favorite.
7:19 am
3 baby boomers areeoutliiiig pheer parents....ut they're ¬ healthier.. -3 heaathier..tte diseases 3 habitss. they'rr ánoot picking up. the countty for tte first time... this spping. yyu're wwtccing foo 45 mmrring news.. pll locaa.. all morning. 3& p(break 2))
7:20 am
7:21 am
3 3 we are cootinuing to follow - breaking news out f florida.a 3 the edde oo i95 in fortt &&plaaderdale.we hear that one person is still trappeedinside top of ttis story nd brinn you he lltest as soon as ii becomes aaillble..- new this morninn... olice
7:22 am
need youu help finding a priioner.pooice ay 38 year old waynn sslley did not return to a halfway ouse ii the cityyafter leaving for aa meeical vvsit.he is serving a 3 if you see him.. call city police. preeident obbma is heeding to israel this sprinng... for the firrt time asspresident..he -& whhte house ssas he will alss visit the west bank ann jordan. obama discussed the trip with 3 benjamin netanyahuullst monnh. 3 the unitee staaes postal service has schedulee a news conference in washinggon today. they 're expecced to makk a 3 future ... but noofurthee &pconfeeence is sccedulld for 10 3&p3 baby boomers are living longer than their parents.... ut not a healthier. a new study says - thhy're more likely to suffer ffom chronic diseases.thh neww -&likely to suffer from obesityy pigh blood pressurr and hhgh
7:23 am
parrnts.they're also morr likely to drink ...and ess pood news is thhy're less likell to smoke and thhy suffer fewer hhart attacks ttan their folks did. 33 a newwstudy uggests more people plan to use facebook ...less... in in 2013.the &ppeople are voluntarily taking long reaks from the social media site..esearchers say thee reassns vary from... people - are too busy... some saa ii's a waste of time..others &psecuuity concerns. & facebbok responded toothe new studyy.. aying tte social network has ore than a & billion sers orldwide....and is tte most downloaded mobile app in the u-s. 3 beyonce fans aren't the only 3 mmves.natss ffsong song 3 the ssecial perron theesingee says has theesiigll ladies dancee down to a t"...nn the
7:24 am
& purpriiing place they leaaned it..- ii.and who's reedy to win 200- continues..ssay tuned for your cue o call. ou're watching fox 45 morning news.. & all local.. all morning.
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the can alss gg -3&pthere to reaa complete contesst & rrllss 3 garrett county chools are ppneingg2 ours late toddy. 3 & 3 3
7:33 am
3liebrty amp
7:34 am
3 p,3 a grim reporttffrecasting &psttbility is leaked... anddit - doesn'ttlook good. good.mmgan gillilann is here with more on wheee this 3what it meens for you. & 3 pood morning guys,he news was expected o be released to he public at today's cityycouncil meeting.but it as ust leaked. leeked.according the the - a-p... a reeort by philadelphia-based....pubbic financial mmaagement millioo dollarrsin budget deficcts over tte nextt deecde... due to a widening gap between projjcced eveness 3 the city's infrastructure needs nddalso it's liaaility for retiree health care benefits... he tooal shortfall reaches
7:35 am
$2-billioo dollarssover 10 years.the report goes on to say thaa -3 baltimoreesscity gooernment pust enacttmajor eforrs to avoid ankruptcy. 3 experts say theree' aafew reassn's why thissis happening. the city's population thousand back n 19500too619- thousand people today.also 3 perrent of the city's residdntssare living in & poverty.we've already felt the -3 affeetss f this may -3remember we dealt with a major deficit in 0-10....ciiyy 3 but righh now... baltimore has the hiihestt rroerty taxes in maryllad... and tte highest local iicome tax allowed under staae officials have already said they ccn't tax -3 theii ay out of theeprrbbem without drivinggaway residentss and businesses.we'll be inniiee today's city ccuncil mmeting and will let you knowwhow the &pmmyyr is responding.i'm megan gilliland fox45 morning news. 3 today, gooernor o'malley is
7:36 am
- schedulee to aapeer before a senaae committee to rge support foo his gun control ill. 3 the saleeof semi-automatic -3& weapons aad limii the maaazinn plips on those weaaons to no &pmore than ten bullets per clip.& he also wants those uying handguns to get a liiense.but many republiccns oppose the &pmmasureeand are sponsorinn 3& officerrbb placed in every ellmenttry schools. 3 pjury deliberrtions continue todayyin the phyliiia bbanes murder trial.late tuesday -3 afternoon... jurors asked to &preeiew wo videos... including 3&pmichael johnsonntaken ffoo innide a walmart thh dayy - barnes disappeareddit shhws him buying aastorage container. the second is a sex video of pohnson and barnes' older pisappeered in altimore two years ago whiie visiting 3 3& toddyy.. the boy schouts of &&pamerica will wrap up its perres of meetings about hee organizatioo's ban on openly gay meebers. members.the nationallexecuttve & board
7:37 am
is exppcted to make an pnnouncement about whetterror &pnot they will uphold the policy.thh proposal would allow iidividual cout troopp -3 to decide how they wanttto address the 2000 the - supreme court ruled heeboyy -33 scoutsshave a constitutionaa right to withhold meebership - from people wwo are openly gaa 33 that briigssus o our question of he day.should the boy members? phone liies are open now...410-481-45455 - 3 "monopolyy fans are preparing for a bbg reveal by ameemaker "hhsbro"..- replaciig one of the gamees cuurrnt tokens... with a new piece voted on by the public. & announne if t's the wheeebarrow, tte shoe or the iron that's etting the boot.a 3 helicopter or guitar will & peplacc the eliminnted token. 3 versioos of "monopooy" withh the nne piece laer this year. &
7:38 am
3& sports fans arouud the -3pcounnty are talking about how 3&pfans packed, and then --3 overrlowed downtown locations to catch a glimpss of the ccamps. champs. and a final dance froo rry lewis himself. p joee d. smitt is liveeat m&t bank stadium with a rundown offthe hilights, and also theechalleeges f hossing - an venttof hhi magnitude on a busy weekday. - weekday.(ad lib))ittwas tough and roughhinside here for some fans as the ggtes were closed, & and then some were climbinn 3 the crowd was massive. but post ans we're hearing from felt liie even hough his event was free... they had ticketssto ttii celebration.
7:39 am
"2 tickkts to paradise""the -3 celeeration innide aatuaaly fillld each and every seat. - the plaa by many to watch the - parade, then meee to watch the te plan by many eveey ssatt filled eacc nd insidee actually filled eech aad every seat.. hh plan byymann paraae, then meet uu at the ssadium becaass it waa packed -3&pby the time they ggo tere! fans inside dii get to ee ray lewis one more time on the field, and e diin't pisappoint... wwth the fns - eeting up every word. 3 (sst ray lewis)2 12 47i love &pforeeer my city ilooeeyou. psot ed reed)2 13 54ballimore, in he world iisrrght here. (cheers) right here (cheerss.3 world issright heee. tte bess baltimore. 2213 54(sot ed reed) 3 myycity iillve you baltimore 3 paltimore forevee my ccty i & loov you.i looeeyou.balttmore forrver my city i love you baltimore baatimore forever my city i love you.(sst ed reed)2 13 54baltimore, ey baltimmoe. 3the est town in he world is right here. (cheees) right & here (cheees).2839 ay's last
7:40 am
ride... celeerateethe wii... i fired to be here. here. 3 pad lib)) 3&plive at &t bank stadium, joel 3 33 3 sse theeennirr rally onniin.go toofox-baltimore oo coo slash raw news. -3 3 beyonceefans arennt the onnyy sinnle ladies danceedown pat. patttake naas of song! the singer admiis.. her one -3 year oldddaughter with rapper
7:41 am
&phand mmve down!she cn even learn itt rom her mother.. chipmunks do it.. in the moviee " alvin and the chipmunks... the squeakquell" finally...some sunshine! ssnshine!but it's ot stickiig around!the neet chance of a wintry mixx. in your skywatch weather forecast. forecast. you'rr watching fox 45 morning news.. aal local.. alllmorring. -
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3 -3 p3
7:46 am
7:47 am
3 3 the boo sccots of meeica ii &&pexpectee to hann down a eciiion... deciiion... aboot the ban on openly gay members... serving 3 prggnizationnthat brrigs us tooourrquestioo of the daa.should the boyyscouts uphold their
7:48 am
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3 animatioo)) 3 should openly ay embers &pservv ii hh boy couts of america?aftee a eriis of meetings the executives will the controversial ban. ban.what do you think?shoull the oy scouussuphood their ban on gay members?our phone lines are open now.. 4100 3 evelyn- bmore
7:51 am
3 linda- bmorr bmorejamie " ove is lovee....ust liie you grew up 3&pkkowinggthey are tttacted to & the same one has the
7:52 am
pight to judge anyone!" anyonee"mo " weejust havv to respect ppl we don't have to accept thhir behaviors...i preferenceeis a boy's or &pthey just be childrenn" childdee?"devin "as long as - the leaders don't try to make movvs on the boyy, iidon't see anything wrong with oppnly gaa -3 memmerr." 3 poming up in our 8 o'cllck hour.. donita brooks... you have about nine minnues to gift card! carddif she does not call, the prize rolll over to 300!stay tuned to call and win! win!plus... the ice tray... that's easy!weeput theeqqickk snap to th e will it work test llve!find outt f itts worth - pte price tag! you're watching fox 45 morning ews.. all local.. all morning.
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much 3 easier... twist... and push 3 pwisttto loosen the trryyand phen push the switch to rellese one cubeeat a time- claims you can take outtone -3 pube at a timm instead of the & whhleetray- will it work?
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3 the quicksnap ice 3 cube tray retails for 12--9. 3 to learn more log on to fox baltimore dot com ssash newslinks..- 3 cominggup in our 8 o'clock come on ddnita brooksswe're still witing foo your call to &pnexx ccancc to wwn eithee 300.. áoráá100-dollars .. is juss about 3 minutessaway! away! you're 3 watchinn fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morning. p3 ((breakk8)) whether you're a a turkey-cheddar-bacon
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3 phe jury... resumes ddlibeeations in the phylicia pieces of viience they asked - making their decision. 33 -3 3& 22:24:10 in airspeed: we're excited too thanks for youu - us. nn... the head -3 ccach of the ravens... gets a vvi-p on the othee end of the jjhnnharbaugh to do. 3 p 3 3 wwdnesday, februaay 6th
8:01 am
3 garrett countt sccools aree opennng 2 hours latt today. 3 3 3 33 3 3 3
8:02 am
3 3 33 -3 p,,3 phe baltimore city government... on the path too & financial ruin.that's the nnws being leaked ahead of ttday's - city
8:03 am
councii meeting. meeting.ttm roogers is here witt more on what this means & other op stories of the morring. 3 a reeort forecasttng & baltimore's ffnancial stability was juut leaked to &pthe associated press.and it doesntt ook good..-gooddthe report was repared bb philaddlphia-bassd.... &ppublic financial management shoos ttat 3 deficits ovve the next gap between projected reveees 3&&pthe citt's infrastructure 3 ffr rrttree healtt caree benefits... the total shortfall rraches $2-billion dollars over 10 yars.the report goossonnto say that baltimore's cciy governmeett & must nact major reformssto avoid bankrrptcy. &p3 ww kkow baltimore hassdelt with buddgt deficits beforee yoo may remember city milliin dollar buget gap in 20-10... by ennctiig some new -3 taxes... ike the tax on 3 hotel and parking levies.but
8:04 am
experts say those werr one- time fixes... and didn'' address the long-term ssructual imbalance.the consslting firm that did the fooecasts for iamii.. 3 ddc.the news ii expected to be released to the ubbic at ptoday's ciiy council meeting..- 3 p ssabbing in downtown bbltimore... leaves one ppeson deedd...and two others &&pafternoon... justt9 bbocks -3& from ravens stadium... at the inttrsection oo howard and fayette street.the parade wass &pover... but mmny eople were still out celebrating. ddteetiiee ssy the victims.... who were in their teens... were involled in somm sort oo fight.pollce say it's not yet clear if the ncident was & ceeebration& 33 annn arunnel county poliie &pmiss their chance to serve a warrant.authorities have beenn prying to serve a glen burnie teacher for three months or allegedly stealing from a & uunss out... pammla fowler was ii &ptheir custody just wwekk ago for 12 trrffic violations... put heewwrraattslipped
8:05 am
throogg he crackk.deputies -3 areestill looking for her and you should contact them f you -3 knoo herr hereabouts. 3 3 ravens hhad cooah john ozzie newsome recieved a &pafternooonpresiddnt obama caaled ttem to extend his congratulations to the teaa.. pn their hard fought season. season."we're so excited aout 3 pf us.. 3 .... teady the way
8:06 am
you dii issreally a grrat thing!!-& thing!president obama goes on to ay he an'' wwit o congratullte the teem in hhrraugg eexended - an invitattonnto he first famill to viiit the avvns' mills. 33 estimates say more than 200 thhusaad fans packed downtown for the big ictory paraae celebraaion yesterddy and the pictures keep pouring i. inn from city hall,,to the staddum it's being caalld aa pnce in a llfetimm experieene by baltimore portt fans ho 3&pand helll to aaother vince &pllmbardi rophy. 3 now with the best sights and & ssunds fromma ddy to remember. remember.(ad lib))let's go & back toothe strrett...& streets... people wwteddhourss - ann cheered on each and every membbr famill as they including... heed haabaagh, and super bowl mvp seemed o have sswaathing us s we did cheerrng him lass vehiill cleared... the one crowds pouldn't bb connaaied anymore. & watch barrierssanddjoin of rrvenn agreee 3 025151 baltimore for yoo
8:07 am
ggys... oc: ccming out today, -3& this s awesome 025217 -3 025217way on mm lass ride to repay oc: forevee my city, i 3 people packkd m the roar -& filled the ssadium and eccoed into tte city. 3long waits before thh event, &paad we want you to us on -3 facebook...stadium, joel d. -33smith, fox 45 mmrning news..-& 3 3
8:08 am
8:09 am
3 33 3 3 a caa is lucky to be aliiv this mornnnn after beiig -3caaght in a foothood trap. -3 trap. mmnn the caa is &recovvriig his morning... & but one of his legs had to be aaputated. construction porkers managed toosaveethe - kittle ffer hearing the frantic mmewing. nobody has stepped forwarr to claim -3the kitty... and it likely
8:10 am
will go up for adoption. 33 commng uu... we're giving away more cold hard cash! 3 dollar jackpot is ccming up stay tuned to listen for your nameand in tte meanttme get your ame in the box....on ur facebook paae. 3 you're watching ffx 45 mooning news.. all local.. -3 all mooning. - 3& ((bump out)) 3 p(break 1))
8:11 am
8:12 am
“no one had to tell me, 'you've got to stop drinking or doing drugs.' i knew that i was going to give those things up.” “all i know is that when i left that night, i knew that my life was different. that i had truly meant business this time.” “i just cannot wait to get to heaven. i just cannot wait to see the person that did that for me.”
8:13 am
3 3 3 &p3- 3
8:14 am
33 -3
8:15 am
8:16 am
3 &p3 3 one lucky couple is ggetiig married... on us... and you get t decideewho t ii! is!it's our wedding in a week get t decidee whiih f our 4 finalist - couples
8:17 am
win a ffee wedding. & they'll get married live on fox45 morning news next fridayy go to foxballimore dot coo to rrad all the entries and vote for your aaorite. 3 coming up... the friggdd temperaaures can ause your energy bills to soar. 3 next bill. 3 and... the ravens plaaers have been doing after heir super victory. -3 you're watching fox 45 morninn &pnnws.. all loccl...all &pmmrrnng. 3 ((breaa ))
8:18 am
8:19 am
3 ((bump in)) -3 3 (((pat)))all eyes haveebeen on purr avens laaely and it'' o surprise people have been -3 tweeting about hem.the players ave also documented their riie beforeeand after &pthe big game in the ig easy. cannace is ere wwth ore for
8:20 am
today's tinseltown on twitter. kickkr justin tucker haa been 3 posting a lot of pictureeswith the lombardi trophy. he's kissed it.. held it.. but here's another aagle. ,3& me and organ cox with vinny &p 3 check out this picture from terrell suggs.hh tweeed it wwth the post "who woold of & thought ww'd win tte suppr
8:21 am
powl thh same week my movve 3 coalition.. is in stores now. suggs produced and cc-wrote phe's about a group forces to get revenge on a professsinal athlete and his frieeds or plaaing them. - about the ravens victorr 3 celebrity.. but i wanted ot share this hoto that i & snapped during the pprade.
8:22 am
3 & 3 coming up... low heaaing bills.the device that prooissssto save you big bucks - tths winter. p3 and.... &&psometimm in he next 10 minutes.. we'll be drawing the nnme oo the ucky perssn whoo cooll win 300 bucks in our free-bruary giveaway. &pboxx. go to facebook dot com 3 put theeforr. &pyou're watching fox 45 morning news...all local.. aal 3& ((break 3)))- you can't argue with nutrition you can see. great grains. great grains cereal starts whole and stays whole. see the seam? more processed flakes look nothing like natural grains. i'm eating what i know is better nutrition. mmmm. great grains. search great grains and see for yourself.
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3 ((bump in))-3 3 in the middll of winter.... whhn it's's noo justtyour fingers that hurt...
8:25 am
your eeergy bbll is paanful... aa many of you this & weeks family 4-1-1 baltimore native... michael jordan is here with a olution thaa pould save you some money this winttr.--mentioned in forbes for your 3 device... forgitit...--how does it work...
8:26 am
3 --how much can it save uss.. --how caa we gettitt.. &pitt.. 3& iffyou'd like morr
8:27 am
,3 33it... it....-how ccn wee et save &pps...--how much can t save &pus...ii... it... 3 if yyu'd like more
8:28 am
3 information on forgitit... llg 3 slash mornnig.and if oo have emaii. -3 3 pighttafter the break....fiid out f you're thh lucky pprroo -& free-brrary giveaway. giveaway. to get yyurrname in the box.. go to facebookkdottcom slash form..- you''e watching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morning. 3 ((breakk4))
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,33 3 3 garrett ccunny
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pbx.. go to facebook dot com slash foxbaltimore and fill -3 out the form.yoo can also o rules. &p3 p ,3 -3&
8:33 am
3 395 map & 3 aagrim report forecasting
8:34 am
baltimore's financial 3 doesn't look good. 3 more onnwhat it mmans foor &pyou... h also has our other 3 the neww was expected toobe peeeased to the publii aa today's city councillmeeting. but ittwas jjst leaaee. leakke.according the the philldeephia-baaedd.. publicc -3 financial managemeett miilionndollars in budget deficcts ovvr tte next ddcaae... due to a widening gap betweee projectee revvness and expenditures.iffyou add n the city's nfrastructure liability foo retiree health ssortfall reaches $2-billion dollars over 10 yeaas.the reporr goee on to saa ttht baltimore's city government must enacttmajorrreforms too - avoid bankrrptcy. & 3&pexpeets ay there's a few reason's why this is happpeing. &pphe city's population droppee....from a peak of 950- phousand back inn1955 to 619- thousand ppeple today.also
8:35 am
percent oo the city's & pesidentssare ivinggin poverty.ww''e already felt he -& affects of this mayy ddficii in 20-10... city 3 enaating some new ttxes. 3 the united states postal service has scheduled a nnws conference in washingtonntoday. today.they 'rr expected tt make aa ajor annoucemenn about it's uture ... uu no furthee - detaiis were iven.the prees conference is sccedulee orr10 3 a postal wwrkkr placed on unpaii in los angglee was ppaced on unpaid leave after allegedly assaulting an 11- year--ld giir.police ay inssde a bathroom.the girl says the postal wook attackedd &&phee becauss she was laughhng pt himmwhen he accidenttlll & entered the omen's estroom. -3 3 today, ggveenoo o'malley ii scheduled o appear before a 3& suppprt forrhhs un control bill.
8:36 am
the sale f semi-automaatc weapons and limit the mmgazine clips on those weapons to no more than en bulllts per ccii. he also wants hooe buyyng pandguns to get a liccnse.but many repubbicans opposs the mmasure and are ssonsoring their own wouldd require an armed police officer be pllceddin eeery - elementaay sshools. 3 (mcdermott) "i will point you to 3 ppnnsylvanna onna schhol morning at smaallamissh 3 a mad mannand haa little kids murdered as well..(ggifffth) "but guns thht offer multippe bullees in a short periid off time, those guun, we don't need innmaryland." parrlaad."the hearing n several gun biilsswill be hhld - before the senate juuicial & before the senate wwll e held before the senate judiccal -&pppoceedingg committee , ttii afttrnoon. -3 a second-gradd ssudenn ffom virgiiia is accuseddof -3 thheattnnng lasssaaes wwth a loaddd handgun. handggn.henrrco coonty pollce say the 7--ear-old took the guu outtof his bbckpack monday
8:37 am
& school bus.he allegedll poinned it at other - students... wwhle making phreats.the child denied -3 saying anything threatening..--3 phe boy'' grandfather told an area t-- station that the gun belongs to him.heealso saad that his grandsoo has been suupended from school. aafalss alarm for the parniigs rr canceled after aa earthqqake at ssa threatens iiland nations. 3 eight-pointt-hhearthquuke isllnns today. the shaking triigering aasmmll tsuuami whhch ssept into sparking tsunami alerts all across thh outh pacific, including austrrala and new -3 zealann. thooe wwrnings now ccnceled. at least fifty ppople diedd dozens more went missing and numerous villages were destroyed. 3 ports fann aroond the &pcounntt are talking about how baltimore treats its champions. & p aanestimaaed 200 thousand fans packed, anddthen overflowed downtown locations
8:38 am
champs. and a finnl dance 3&plive at m&t bankkstadium with a rundown of thh hilightt, and also theechallenges f hostinn an event of this magnitude on a busy weeedayy weekday.(ad lib))it was tough pnd rough inside here ffr some faas as the gates ere closed, and then some werr climbing 3 pans we're hearing froo felt llkk evve though this event & wass ree... to this & celebration. 2 ttccets: -3 3 3 the celebraaiin fillld eachh ann every seatt parade, then meet up at the stadium did not work, packed by thh timm they goot here! get toosee ray lewwssone more and e diin't the fann eatinggup every word. 3&p3& ((st ay leeis)2 11 47i llve you baltimorr i looe you.2 13 -3 54baltimore, hey baltimore. world issright here. (cheers) right here (chherrs.riie... celebrate theewin... i missedd it last time,,i got & 3p(ad lib)) stadium, joel dd smith, fox 45 - 3 -333
8:39 am
8:40 am
3 3& ars"... you'll like ttis. 33 "star wars" spin-offss.. in phee uture. futureethe films will run allngsidd episodes 7, 8 aan 9. ii'' unclear at hiss oont if any of the orrginal characters will star in the spin-offss 3 ccming up... we're still pookkng for kagney walker.sse call n and claam her 300 dollar prize. prize.if sheedoesn't call.. we'll draw anooher name.. and the accpot will go uppto 400 youre a winner.. and get your name in the
8:41 am
box.. on our - paceeook page. 3& you're waaching fox 455morniig morning.. - 3 ((break 5)) ♪ i -- i got it, i got it made ♪ ♪ i got it made, i got it made ♪ ♪ i got it made ♪ ♪ fresh at subway ♪ ♪ breakfast made the way i say ♪ [ male announcer ] at subway you got breakfast made. like an under 200 calorie steak egg white & cheese. subway. eat fresh. when i inspect homes i can't be in an allergy fog. so i get claritin clear... ...for strong, non-drowsy relief of all my allergies... dust...
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...mold... ...pets... ...and pollen. looks good. thanks. i live claritin clear.
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3&&pno fiirs class saturday service 3 p3 ((toss to weather)) ((ad lib meteorologist)) - 3 &p3 3 meteorooooist))((ad ib
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3 ((ad lib meteorologistt) 3 3 3
8:46 am
3 33 coming up.... a llcal charrty special cause. pause. and... has tt dd wwth mmni-coopers. &pp3 aad new at 9... a marrraae proposal... with a bizarre
8:47 am
& she said o.the unusual thing thaa happenedd.. after she &psaid yes. 3 "iijust can't believv ggttdispendedd" piipendedd" 3 p also ew at 9... why a 7-year-old was suspenneddfor & school... for playing "makee & bblieve." ou're - waaching oxx45 morning news.. -3 all local.. all morninn. p3 ((break 66 i got it when we could download an hd movie in like two minutes. [ male announcer ] once you've got verizon fios internet, you get it the difference 100% fiber optics makes. but don't take our word for it, ask a real
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&p((buup in)) helppraise money for thee baltimore 3 huuane sociity jjst by one baltimore is elping one local charity ... one dollar at time. alison cohenn anddcooperr cohen 3 from mini of baltimore joins us ttis orning wwth more. - &phow can we hell he baatimorr humane society?the baltiiore
8:50 am
3 humane societyyhumane society? how long does the prommtion
8:51 am
,3&ppun?- why he baltimoreehumane ociety?? sociitt? 3to learn more log ,3 on to fox baltimore dot com slaahh orning. 3 coming up... we justtgave 3 called in..- in.but we hhve more ash to give away.we'ree rawing another ame in jusst30 miiutes.stay tuned to seeeif yyure a winnee.. and gettyour & namm in the oxx. on our facebook page. & ""hat's a lot of zeros!""ttat is a lot f eroo.""- ccuppe wins
8:52 am
1-millioo dollars pn the lottery.but their luck &pdoesn't stop there.whha happeessto them... just hours & laaer. you're watching foox45 morninn news.. all looal.. alllmorninn. - p3& ((break 7))
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8:54 am
,3 do ou have aceboook fatigue 3 from spending too much time on &phe social networking websitt?
8:55 am
f you o... you're - not allne.. matt keller tells us what a lottof facebook users are doing. 3 somettmes in life... ffienns fall to the waysidd... anddit also happens in the igital world. &p a newwssudy shows 3facebook is finding many f it's rienns here in the -3 u-s... need a break frommthe &plargest social network in the liie to me that facebook may have reaahed aapeak ii tte &punited states... not & globally... n the united staaes. a -3new study by the ppw research center's internet and americann liffe
8:56 am
3 projectt... shows users say thee aae voluutaaily taaee a break sociillnetworr or more. reasonsswhy varied... theepercent.... ssid busy... 10-percent said it was pecurity purpur ays: i did overwhelming and i had to do aa keep on top of everybody nd i juut seemed a little pnnoyiin... reposts... &pnetwwrks ryyto worr withh faceeook... rathhr ttan comppte and the quittinn facebook are a small means leaving beeinn your friends. magid says: it's aa quitttnggbecause if all facebook how re you going to 3 sste. ovadia says: i donnt networkk, google plus oo &psommthing like that. i have my history there acebbok responded to the nee study... -saying the sscial neework has &pworldwide... and s the most downlooded mobile app in the - 3 get out from behind thee commuter our &pbmmre healthy xpo.we're - yyar yet.the expo is saturday february 23rddfromm 0 to 5..o learnnmore go to bmore healthy expo dot comm p3 coming p on ggod day
8:57 am
baltimore... 3 we''e got your tickett... tt sse disney on ice.listen in forryour cue to call... sometime in the next 60 minutes. - 20 mins- $100 & 3 3 you're watching fox 45 morning -3 news.. all local.. all morning. 33 ((brraa 8)) you can't argue with nutrition you can see. great grains. great grains cereal starts whole and
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